• How much can you make if PINK VEGA brokers my car?


The prices are primarily driven by location, vehicle chosen, and type of shoot and duration of shoot. PV knows that production budgets vary, so we need to be supportive of the film industry by allowing flexibility in our pricing structures. If you are looking to make bank, this is probably not something you want to get into. But if you support the car culture and you are inquisitive about the film industry and do not mind long days and a lot of sitting around, this is for you.

We do not charge you to list your vehicle on our site, but we do retain a commission from the advertised rates when vehicles are booked by our clients. All payments for your services come from Pink Vega and we process checks within 3 weeks of completion of your services.

  • How do we sign up our vehicle?


PV prefers that your picture cars are based in the area where the production is located and you must be able to provide an escort for the car. To sign up, upload us a few digital photos to the website (pictures that best show the vehicle) and follow the prompts.  Include a short description of the vehicle and any limitations on the vehicle. We will need your full contact information.

If you need ideas for a description of the car or truck for the webpage, see www.pinkvega.com for samples We post your car for free, but there is no guarantee that it will book. Again, if it does book, we pay you direct and we withhold a commission from the money that we actually get.

Please note that certain scenes may require the vehicle to be filmed and or operated in wet conditions, like in the rain. Some scenes may also necessitate the use of car friendly dulling agents such as Fullers Earth and cosmetic treatments to create special effects. Please take the time to read through the terms and conditions as they apply to both clients and contractors (you are considered a contractor). If you car is a garage queen that only travels in a trailer and doesn't ever see the light of day or get dusty, this not for you.

The bottom line is the more versatile you and your vehicle are, the better your chances of getting booked.


  • What does an escort actually do?

Escorts are responsible for vehicle transport to the base camp, movement on the set and vehicle safety. The escort is also be responsible for maintaining the vehicles appearance throughout the day.


Please read and print our Terms and Conditions. To download, right click and choose "save link as.."